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Our Computer Exchanges: CX5
Location : Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Gross floor area : Approximately 550,000 ft²
Net Data Center floor area : Approximately 200,000 ft²
Raised floor load : 12.5kN/m² in data centre area
15kN/m² at M&E area
Raised floor : 1m
Power density : 30 to 120 W / ft²
Power feed : Dual 33kV incoming sources
Dual on premise 33kV Power Substation
Electrical services : High Tension & Low Voltage
Power back-up : Multiple back-up power generation
Uninterruptible Power Supply : N+1 or N+N option with 15 minutes battery reserve
Cooling system : Water-chilled and air-cooled systems
Fire suppression system : Water mist system in all data centre and common area.
High Sensitivity Smoke Detection System
Clean agent gas extinguishing system for the Power Substations.
Other : Data cabling and management
Multiple Main Distribution Frame facilities
Security access controls and intrusion alarms
Water Detection System
Dual Electrical Risers and Quadruple Data Risers