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Up close & Personal with Ken Brill


Founder and former Executive Director of the Uptime Institute and father of modern data center industry shares his insights and wisdom at the CSF Group ‘Up Close and Personal With Ken Brill’ breakfast talk.

The pressure is on for all data centres and ICT world to go green.  But how can we maintain the economic competitiveness in these challenging times? On the 24th of April 2012, CSF Group plc had the great honor to host the founder of Uptime Institute, Ken Brill, to talk about these challenges we face and how we can optimize the energy efficiency and continue to strive in this challenging economic times. The breakfast talk, which is exclusively for CIOs only, were attended by 25 key executives from CSF Group and in the data centre industry. Those who came early must have been fired up with energy,  as they eagerly begin their questions and discussions with Ken during breakfast. At 9:30am the crowd made their way to then business center, and got comfortable in lecture hall seating. They were ready. But, as many people who attend data centre conventions and or talks of this nature would attest, it is reassuring to hear experts exclaim something you know about business performance, profitability, and sustainability. Mr. Brill particularly did not emphasize on the topic which were intended to - ‘Green Data Centre, In Challenging Economic Times’. Instead he improvised and gathered as much questions and information during the breakfast when he met with the CIOs. Then highlighted the issues that were brought up. One of the issues discussed during the talk was the introduction of Uptime Institute, the TIER standards he developed, PUE,  green data centre, evaporative cooling and the economics behind the data centre. The talk ended at noon, as Mr.Brill had to rush to the airport, for his next flight. The event indeed was a success as it scored great reviews from those who attended.