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Shares Information


Number of ordinary  shares of 10 p each        ("Ordinary Shares")

Percentage interest

Total Number of Ordinary Shares in issue



Ordinary Shares held not in public hands



The percentage holdings of the Company's significant shareholders

  Number of Ordinary Shares Percentage interest
Yong, Kwet On (Adrian)1 43,220,500 27.02
Vidacos Nominees Limited2 39,619,319 24.76
Huntress (CI) Nominees Limited3 32,677,095 20.42
Lynchwood Nominees Limited 5,441,428 3.40

Note 1: Of the Ordinary Shares in respect of which Yong Kwet On holds legal title, (i) 39,769,824 Ordinary Shares (representing 24.85% of the Ordinary Shares in issue) are held legally and beneficially by him and (ii) 3,450,676 Ordinary Shares (representing 2.16% of Ordinary Shares in issue) are beneficially owned by the employee benefit trust which are currently held by him pending transfer to the employee benefit trust account.

Note 2: Of the 39,619,319 Ordinary Shares held by Vidacos Nominees Limited, (i) 16,000,000 Ordinary Shares (representing 10.00% of the Ordinary Shares in issue) are held by Ding Seng Huat and (ii) 10,000,000 Ordinary Shares (representing 6.25% of the Ordinary Shares in issue) are held by Yee Yit Yang.

Note 3: Of the 32,677,095 Ordinary Shares held by Huntress (CI) Nominees Limited, (i) 23,488,680 Ordinary Shares (representing 14.68% of the Ordinary Shares in issue) are held by Techsonic Limited and (ii) 7,916,529 Ordinary Shares (representing 4.95% of the Ordinary Shares in issue) are held by Leong Kok Cheng.

There are no Ordinary Shares held in treasury. Each Ordinary Share has one voting right.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s Ordinary Shares.

The above information was last updated on 4th April 2016.